Viewing Your Ecommerce Return Policy as a Customer Acquisition Engine:

Thanks to a consumer oriented returns policy, a customer previously on the fence gains some reassurance to complete an order.

Then after the order has been made, one of three things happen:

  1. The product the received aligns with the customer's expectations and they are satisfied.
  2. Something went wrong and they keep the product.
  3. Something went wrong and they begin the return process.

It's obvious the first is the preferred result. Followed by the third. 

The scariest outcome for an ecommerce retailer is case number two. Here you have a unsatisfied shopper, but you're left in the dark. This is typically the result of a complex return process. Not only will this unsatisfied customer likely never purchase from your store again, they're going to tell their friends, too. 

A product return signifies a disappointed customer, but there is a positive side to this story. You're able to identify the shoppers who are experiencing friction. This gives you the power to turn this negative experience into a positive experience, one that they're excited to share with their friends.

By leveraging an ecommerce returns policy powered by the customer experience, each product return becomes an opportunity to impress the customer and convert them into a lifetime buyer.

With a smart ecommerce returns policy your customer will receive a seamless product return experience that translates into trust, quality, and efficiency in the eyes of the shopper — all major contributors of customer loyalty.

By following this 9-step guide to optimizing your ecommerce returns policy, you'll be able to drive in more sales, earn more lifetime customers, and improve your bottom line.

2. Make Your Return Policy Easy to Find

Consumers today want to feel confident before they're ready to hand over their hard earned cash. During their research, 66% of online shoppers review a store's returns policy before committing to a purchase.

With this many consumers doing pre-purchase research, it's important to make your return policy easy to find and filled with value for the shopper.